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Why come to counselling?

There are many different reasons why people come to counselling. Each person will bring their own unique range of experience. No two people are the same and what you have experienced in life and what you feel is unique to you.

Often life experiences may have been hurtful, negative or traumatic. These experiences can impact on the way we live our lives today and how we are in our relationships. Difficulties in relationship or work can make life harder to manage. Feelings of depression and anxiety or low self esteem can restrict our life view.

You are ready for a change but you are unsure how to approach a new way of living.

Coming to a decision and taking that first step to arrange an appointment and attend counselling can be a difficult decision to make.

In your first counselling session we will talk about what brings you to counselling. Identify some areas of your life you want to address or change. We will discuss your goals and collaborate on how professional counselling can enable you to achieve them.

Counselling can enable you to explore a deeper self awareness. This can often lead you to choose new ways of working to achieve a better balance in your life.

The Counselling environment enables us to view other ways of managing life.