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Some issues that can bring a person to seek professional counselling

When we begin to consider change, it can feel challenging.

Past events may have been traumatic and may impact on how we are feeling today. We may feel preoccupied by intruding feelings and often this can lead to confusion, depression and anxiety and it can impact on our health, well being and relationships. 

These are very normal feelings and counselling can help you work out your choices and other possibilities which may be open to you.

  • Bereavement, separation and loss are difficult life situations to manage and work through. Many emotions - deep sadness, loss, confusion and perhaps anger will be usual to experience, however you may be having difficulty in readjusting to new life circumstances. Your loss may have happened many years ago or recently and you are wondering if you will ever feel normal again.  You want to move on with life but you feel unable to leave the past behind.

  • You may have experienced childhood trauma which has left you hurt and angry or you could be impacted by sexual or domestic violence.

  • It may be that you are embarking on a new direction in your life and you want to work out if you are making the right decision or perhaps you feel you are not achieving what you expected to achieve in life. You are searching for new life meaning and a new life balance. 

  • Perhaps you feel your life is out of control and you are finding it difficult to manage day to day. Car accidents, trauma, leaving home, illness, low self esteem, family difficulties, anger, anxiety, abuse, suicidal thoughts, self-harm, depression, life change, relationship difficulties.  These and many other issues are explored in counselling.


Any one of us, at any time of life may be faced with any of these issues and other life experience.

Counselling can enable us to explore and choose different ways of coping

and work toward a more fulfilling way of managing life.