Why Counselling?

Counselling Issues

The Counselling Session

Presenting Issues

Training & Qualifications





As a Accredited Professional Counsellor, I work with individuals who need assistance to resolve issues that are affecting their lives.

Any person at any time of life may be faced with issues that can cause difficulty and challenge in living life to the full.

Effective counselling requires the assurance that the counselling session is a private and confidential process between counsellor and client.

This confidential space enables a client to recall, voice and explore life issues.

As your counsellor, I will listen, support and respect you as an unique individual. Together we can work collaboratively in meeting your goals in a therapeutic, safe and supported confidential counselling session.


My Mission Statement

To create a confidential and non judgemental environment where we can work together with
respect and trust to enable you to look at life issues and therapeutically work toward achieving your goals